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Nasal Dilator Kit

Are you looking for the right nasal dilator?
But you don’t know which one to choose?

Look no further! This kit offers you all our types of nasal dilators. Try which nasal dilator fits you best.



Our products

Ideal for blocked nostrils

Our strong nose vents are made from extra strong material. This strong material makes sure your nostrils stay well open, even under high pressure. The net-structure makes that the vents don’t become too heavy and are comfortable to wear.

  • Extra strong material
  • Withstands high pressure
  • 4 different sizes

Super soft for extra comfort

Our soft nasal dilators are made from super soft silicones. They are extremely comfortable to wear. Might you find our strong nasal dilators too sturdy then these are the ideal option.

  • Super soft silicone
  • Extra comfort
  • 4 different sizes

Ideal for extra air

Our anti-snoring nose strips are made from extra strong material. Because of the strong adhesive they will stay on for a long period of time. Nevertheless they are easy and painless to remove. You will directly notice the extra air as soon as you put the strip on.

  • Extra strong material
  • Easy to remove
  • 90 strips per box

With magnets

Our anti-snoring nose clip has two magnets. When breathing in and out the magnets pinch together. This improves the airflow through your nose. Plus the magnets make sure the nose clip does not fall out.

  • Small format
  • With 2 magnets
  • 1 unit per box